Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day by Day {1, 2 & 3}

So although my life is less stressful than it was a couple months ago, I have been lazy. I was watching too much TV, eating unhealthy foods, and not doing any activities that make me happy. This weekend I decided to change all of that nonsense. First I decided to give up sweets and treats {I am a full on sugar addict} and Secondly I gave up watching TV. It is amazing how much more time I have. Since during the winter it is hard to get freelance work, I decided to get more practice. I am trying to take 10 minutes out of my day to take a great photograph. Unfortunately, it is only daylight when I am work so most of pictures will be inside, until I get the urge to take photos on my lunch break.

Here are my first 3 days of my experiment. This week I decided to focus on the new flash bounce I received for Christmas. Although it can be touchy it creates some interesting lighting.

Day 1 - I am a giant teapot, tall and round
Day 2- A dime a day

Day 3- Shawn and Amy